With over 35 years’ experience and a well-established reputation in the construction industry, we offer the highest standard of demolition services. 
Our project management skills and proven demolition methods allow us to tackle the most technically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects, delivering on time and within budget. 
We perform our work in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner; minimising noise, dust, odours, waste and inconvenience to the general public. 
We offer nationwide all-inclusive site clearance services. 
To start any new building project, it’s important to have the right ground preparation. We own all the necessary demolition equipment to remove all unwanted buildings and structures, so that we can clear the area thoroughly. This will then be ready for any landscaping or new building work to commence. 
Utilising our own RORO (roll on - roll off) wagons, we’ll also ensure that no rubbish gets left behind, and we’ll recycle at every possible opportunity. We do our upmost to make certain that every recyclable item we come across during the clearance is sent to the correct recycling site. 

The demolition of high rise buildings reaching the end of their life cycle is increasing. 

We have extensive experience in demolishing multi storey structures. We'll assess whether we need to use scaffold and demolition by hand - floor by floor, or use high reach machinery (approx. 65m) 
Kings Heath Demolition will plan your project to ensure the safest method of deconstruction is utilised. 


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