Soft Strip is the process of removing all non-structural elements 
Inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling works. 
We can undertake soft strip works as either a standalone project or as part of a package of overall works for a property. 
Soft Strip works include, but are not limited, to the following activities: 
Removal of Fixtures and Fittings 
Removal of Internal Walls 
Removal of Internal Ceilings 
Removal of Temporary Structures 
Removal of M&E 
We recycle as much as the waste as possible to minimise the volume of soft strip waste going to landfill. 
Our team have a robust technical expertise and experience in Soft Strip of buildings working on projects of all values from small complex projects to large extensive projects, Kings Heath Demolition is committed to meeting our clients programme and budget on all projects. 
At Kings Heath Demolition we specialise in the internal stripping of buildings as part of a demolition or in preparation for refurbishment, so that the building is just left of its main structure. In the case of refurbishment, we use only light machinery or hand strip your premises to ensure that the structure of your building will remain unaffected. 

 Fully comprehensive  

As part of our internal soft stripping services, we can remove all floor coverings, windows and interior and fittings, including radiators, lighting and telecoms. We can also organise the disconnection and removal of any utilities, so you don’t have to. 
Our services are fully comprehensive so that we have full control of the entire stripping process, and that you know it will be left in good hands. 


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